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Besides the scientific equipment resources of the participating centres in this consortium (some of them closely related to this project are mentioned bellow) , the participating laboratories have their own scientific equipment required for the development of this project including:

  • Phase-contrast and fluorescence microscopes. Confocal microscope LSM510 META ConfoCor 3 (ZEISS) equipped with ZEN software and physiology module. Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope LSM710 (Zeiss)
    Cell Observer (Zeiss) for live cell imaging under bright field and fluorescence microscopy to study dynamic processes in living cells, tissues and organisms. Cell observer (Zeiss) that allows the study of dynamic processes in living cells, tissues or organisms both under clear and fluorescence field.

  • Refrigerators, -20ª and -70ºC freezers.

  • Table top centrifuges.

  • Neurostimulation.

  • Optogenetic laser.

  • Flow cytometry and cell sorting equipments.

  • Laser optogenético.

  • Analysis of animal behaviour
    It includes 9 analysis rooms distributed by characteristics to be evaluated and the special equipment required: Rotarod, T-maze, etc.

  • In vivo imaging
    Two high field Magnetic Resonance (MR) scanners: Bruker Pharmascan 7 Tesla (16cm) and Bruker Avance 11.7 Tesla (9cm) completely equipped for in vivo and in vitro MR imaging and spectroscopy.

  • Equipment to perform protein electrophoresis and isolectric focusing and for nucleic acid electrophoresis including power suppliers, cuvettes, combs, etc. HPLC and FPLC systems.

  • Thermostatized incubators and water baths. Thermocyclers for PCR and RT-PCR.

  • Analysis of animal metabolism.
    Phenomaster to study gobal animal metabolism.

  • Analysis of cellular metabolism in situ.
    Seahorse analyzer.

  • Transcraneal Magnetic Estimulation.

  • SPECT-CT for non-invasive analysis of animals in vivo with their corresponding protected rooms to manipulate radiotracers.

  • Animal Positron Emission Tomography.


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